The First Impression: How to Prepare your First Session as a New Instructor"

This talk is directed especially towards all of those of you who are new to teaching, but also to everyone who likes to reflect his/her own teaching and learning processes.
I obtained my first appointment as a lecturer quite late, that is, two weeks before I defended my dissertation. But the good side about this was that it gave me more time to observe teachers and to reflect their behavior – both at high school and at university. The concept I developed for preparing my course is the Multi-Perspective Approach. Basically, it consists of the following principles:
-Try to think about the different target groups involved in your course session (the students in their current situation, the students in some years, the faculty administration, perhaps also the full professor whose chair granted you the lecturer contract, teachers of other courses belonging to your module)
-Anticipate their needs as much as possible
-If you realize you failed to do so, talk to the target groups and find out about their needs
Sounds evident? You think university students are not children anymore? Too much work? I look forward to exchanging a few thoughts with you on this.

Raum: Raum 5.12