Vortrag Maria Winter: Staging the King's Body in Ottonian Coronations, Berlin

Staging the King's Body in Ottonian Coronations

When a medieval city served as a royal residence, it became the stage  for the sovereign's display of power. How does this staging take place? What are its means, which ideas stand behind it? What is the intended effect on the spectator? Who is the audience?
I will especially look at the staging of coronations and the architectural structure of palace buildings and cathedrals, which played a role in these events and analyse their function in the medieval political system. Focus will be on the Ottonian period.

Donnerstag, 28.6.2007
Ort: TU Berlin
Franklinstrasse 28/29
Raum FR 6510 (6. Stock)

U2 bis Ernst-Reuter-Platz oder Bus 245 bis Marchbrücke

Karte siehe http://tinyurl.com/yxz3yh